Let it Snow

Who doesn’t love a snow fall. Photographically speaking it is a whole new world. Sudden and mesmerisingly beautiful change is upon the landscape. Here is a small selection from last weeks change in the weather here in the Southern Uplands. More of these shots have been posted at my Facebook page, which you can visit in my sidebar. Enjoy.

Chasing the Light

Photography is about many things and perhaps for each photographer those things are different. One thing I think all photographers will agree on is that is is about the light in its multiple forms. I subtitled this website “Dancing through the light” which essentially sums up how I feel when I am out and about with my camera. Here is a selection of pictures from a walk this week, where the light called me to dance.

another place

I am working, very slowly, through my photographic archives, in order to try and catalogue my work. It is an overwhelming exercise given the large number of both film and digital images I have on a variety of hard drives. That said, it is producing some moments of memory.

These shots are from my first visit to the seaside art installation, ‘Another Place’ by Anthony Gormley.

I have lost the original film negatives and only have these small jpeg files and so these won’t be getting printed any time soon. Still, they give a sense of the place and of the movement of the wind that day. All shot from a tripod at longish exposures on a Mamiya 645.


Welcome to my Photo blog. Here I will post creative projects, ideas and photographs from walks and travels. If you see something you like, feel free to ping me a message and I will be more than happy to add it to the ONLINE SHOP

This project is composed of a series of detailed shots from a Shipwreck on the Isle of Kerrera, just off the coast of Oban.