another place

I am working, very slowly, through my photographic archives, in order to try and catalogue my work. It is an overwhelming exercise given the large number of both film and digital images I have on a variety of hard drives. That said, it is producing some moments of memory.

These shots are from my first visit to the seaside art installation, ‘Another Place’ by Anthony Gormley.

I have lost the original film negatives and only have these small jpeg files and so these won’t be getting printed any time soon. Still, they give a sense of the place and of the movement of the wind that day. All shot from a tripod at longish exposures on a Mamiya 645.

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2 thoughts on “another place

  1. Moving, and a timely set of photos. They really underline for me the deep sense of isolation and aloneness when that very first lockdown happened. I was very used to living alone, I enjoy it but the sudden requirement to not have the choice to socialise, hug my friends and family go freely wherever and whenever was hard and these images speak of a lostness, a numbing, a faltering.

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