6 thoughts on “The Highlands

  1. Paul, your vacations (and your photography) are (is) SO much cooler than mine. These are GORGEOUS!!!

    You have a nice camera.

      • I know, right? Me too. Some day … But the thing is, as soon as you buy a really super duper camera (or any other electronic), it’s basically instantly outdated. So I just lag behind as much as possible; “keeping up” is a losing battle, so I don’t fight.

  2. How many pictures are uploaded here? I feel like it’s showing me different batches every time I open the page. I don’t want to miss any …

  3. Maybe 180…ish…the display is set to random so it shows up different each time. Thanks for all the photo love. I appreciate the time you took to view and comment.

    • I love nature photog. That’s why it’s taken me so long to get over here; I knew I’d want to sit with your pictures all day. They are really something to be proud of.

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